Tuesday January 15th

5 Minutes of Bird Box Rowing.


Warm up, be on time, class starts on the hour. if you need to mobilize, come in a little early
Grab an empty bar, time to warm up and review these movements
0-2 Minutes 10 clean grip high pulls
2-4 Minutes 10 Power position power cleans
4-6 Minutes 8 Hang position power cleans
6-8 Minutes 6 below the knee power cleans plus 1 front squat
8-10 minutes 4 below the knee full squat cleans

TIMED strength today
14 Minutes to build to up to a heavy 3 of this complex (don’t drop the bar)
2 power cleans + 1 squat clean

Review whatever version of this wod you are going to do.

For time:
100-ft. handstand walk (Sub 21 handstand push ups)
9 squat cleans
75-ft. handstand walk (sub 15 hspu)
12 squat cleans
50-ft. handstand walk (sub 12 hspu)
15 squat cleans
25-ft. handstand walk (sub 9 hspu)

Men: 185 lb.
Women: 135 lb.

Scroll for scaling options.
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CrossFit WOD 180707 Tips With Rory McKernan
The Handstand Walk
The Wall Walk

For this workout, worry less about completing it quickly and try for more challenging skills and loads. Pick a modification for the handstand walk that is challenging for you. Reduce the load on the cleans to a point that is heavy but still allows you to tap-and-go for several reps.

Intermediate Option  
For time: (sub hspu the weight is just lighter than version 1)
100-ft. handstand walk
9 squat cleans
75-ft. handstand walk
12 squat cleans
50-ft. handstand walk
15 squat cleans
25-ft. handstand walk

Men: 155 lb.
Women: 105 lb.

Beginner Option
For time: (you can sub 21,15,12,9 push ups for wall walks)
8 wall walks
9 squat cleans
6 wall walks
12 squat cleans
4 wall walks
15 squat cleans
2 wall walks

Men: 95 lb.
Women: 65 lb.