Tuesday February 18th

Warm up-
3 rounds
Run 200
10 push ups
10 Pull ups

Group barbell warm up
9 Minutes
Min 1- 7 hang Power cleans
Min 2- 7 Power cleans from the shin
Min 3- 5 Power clean + push Jerk

Take 10 Minutes to build to a good heavy working weight for the wod. We are putting 245/165 for the suggested rx weights. ONLY use that if you are pretty close to a “touch and go” at that weight for the Clean and Jerk. The whole idea is to go a little heavier than normal, don’t get caught up in the RX weights and don’t worry too much about your reps and rounds.

Wod 15 minutes amrap
3 Clean and Jerk 245/165
8 Burpees
2/1 Rope climb
Run 200m

**if you are not comfortable going heavy we are going to change this to 7 clean and jerks at a much lighter weight.