Tuesday February 15th

Lat Smash 1:30
20 Band Pull Aparts
10 Burpees over Bar
10 Empty Bar Alternating Forward Foot Split Jerks with a Pause in the receiving position
10 Burpees over Bar
20 Band Pull Aparts

Strength-10 Minute Emom
1 Jerk dip
1 Split jerk (light weight)

Every 2 Minutes Until Failure
8 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20″
1 Split Jerk @ 65%*
*Add 10lbs each round until failure. Beyond 80%, women add 5-10lbs per round. Athletes get 1 “mulligan”. If you fail to complete a round, rest the entire next round and then restart in the following round. If you fail a second time, you are done.


  • BBJO: Should not exceed 1 minute in any round, keep athletes who can jump, jumping, even if it means a shorter box. For athletes who cannot jump, Bike/Row for 12/10 calories each round at a challenging, but sustainable pace. Preserve the metabolic stimulus.
  • Split Jerk: If an athlete does not know their 1RM, start with a light-to-moderate weight in round 1 and build from there.

Coach Focus: We are testing the split jerk under a moderate level of fatigue. While we want athletes to be fatigued, we need to be careful with the “dose” we give to athletes so they have the opportunity to go heavy with the split jerk. BBJO do not need to be an all out pace.

Competitor Extra
Deadlifts 225/275/315
Burpees over bar