Tuesday February 14th

Tuesday 2/14


AMRAP 7 Minutes

3 Inch Worms

5 Burpees

10 Ring Rows

5 Burpees


AMRAP 1:00 x 5

Max Wall Walks

Rest 1:00

*For athletes developing the skill choose:

– Max Scaled Wall Walks

– Max wall walk progression*

*wall walk progression= From top of push up, 2 plank

shoulder taps + one push up

:35 WOD

Until 120 Shoulder to OH are completed, alternating
minutes with a partner:

12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
Max Shoulder to Overhead 155/105lbs in remainder
of the minute.

*One partner works at a time, pairs are working
until a combined total of 120 STOH have been completed.
****KEEP TRACK OF YOUR PULL UP COUNT- Watch the high volume today. 60+ is getting to be too many. scale back the reps. YOU DONT WANT TO RIP TODAY. ITS OPEN WEEK. you also don’t want extremely sore arms and lats

Time Cap 16 Minutes

Target Score: Sub 16 Minutes (average at least 8+ STOH per interval)


– Chest to Bar: Chin over bar pull-ups, jumping chest to bar/chin over bar

– STOH: Adjust weight to allow for 8+ reps taking the bar off the floor. DBs may be

subbed if front rack mobility is a safety concern.