Tuesday December 21st


Tuesday December 21st

Schedule for the week
Regular schedule Monday Through Thursday
Friday Christmas Eve 5am, 6am, 9am, 10am. Closing at 11
Saturday Christmas Day Closed
Sunday Closed

3:00 Any machine (:30s Easy/:20s Moderate/:10s Hard x3)

:30 Handstand Hold
20 DB Snatches
1:00 Handstand Negatives
20 Goblet Squats

Climb the Ladder 2x
UB Toes to Bar
Rest 3:00 before repeating
*sub out knee raises if you are working on toes to bar

Stimulus: Stamina
Rest: As little as possible when “working”, but no break should exceed about :15 between sets. Breaks that are longer than :15 bet constitutes means that Round 1 is done. Rest 3:00 and repeat. 

Coach Focus: The volume in our skill work gets aggressive very quickly. Ensure each athlete has the opportunity to build volume as a level that is appropriate for them. Examples of scaled versions (2-3-4-5-6, 1-2-3-4, etc)

AMRAP 4 Minutes x 3
Deficit HSPU 6/4″
Sandbag Cleans 50-150lbs (should be very heavy)
Rest 3:00 between AMRAPs.
Continue where you left off after each.

Score complete 6 hspu, 6 sb cleans, 4 hspu, 4 cleans, 2 hsups, 2 clean- THAT EQUALS ONE ROUND

Feel: Gas
Pacing: Reach
Target Score: 5+ Rounds
Firebreather Score: 8+ Rounds

Deficit HSPU: Should ideally be 2 sets or less throughout this piece. Remove/reduce deficit rather than scaling reps. If HSPU aren’t consistent scale to a DB Push Press. Do not make these too easy or this workout will become a sandbag clean workout.
SB Clean: Should be heavy, but not set should take more than :45 to complete in any set. If sandbags aren’t available, scale to heavy double Russian KB Swing or a Heavy Power Snatch (70-80%, or 155/105lbs would be the Rx equivalent).

On a 15 Minute Running Clock
2 Jerk Dips w/ pause + 1 Push Jerk Rest as needed