Tuesday August 16th

Warm Up
2 Rounds
200 m run
8 (light) DB Man makers
10 box jump overs

:10 Review
Ring Dips
10 Push-ups (may use bands above elbows if needed)
2x :10 Ring Support Holds (in a hollow, pushing down on rings, rings close to body, tight core)
3-5 Ring Dip Negatives (From the support position, 3 sec down where rings meet chest, elbows higher
than shoulders)
1 Set of Ring Dip

HSPU-Practice and review
:20 HS Hold (free standing or wall assisted, chin tucked, tight core, shoulders/ wrist stacked)
3-5 HSPU Negatives (From a handstand, 3 seconds to the bottom of the loaded position of the HSPU)
3-5 HSPU (Strict or Kipping) Kipping with controlled downward motion, “upside down squat” soles of
feet towards each other, head and hands make a triangle/tripod in loading position, head loads closer to
wall than hands.
Box HSPU and Seated DB Press can be used for a modification for all movements

Test Wod
The Grind Side

:30 WOD
Gymnastics Test
“The Grind Side”
AMRAP 16 Minutes, climbing the ladder
8 Box Jump Overs 24/20″
2 Ring Dips
8 Box Jump Overs 24/20″
Box Jump Overs should be done with the Open Standard (step down).
Add 2 reps to both the HSPU/ DB Push Press and Ring Dip/Push Ups
each round. Box jump overs do not change in reps.
Target Score: Score: All athletes complete the round of 8 gymnastics movement,
most complete the round of 10.

:55 Cool Down
2 Min Bike