Tuesday August 11th

We have 2 days of heavy lifting coming up so we will do a little repeat of some bodyweight/cardi hero wods today. Jerry or Laredo.

Run 1 Mile
Row 2000
Run 1 Mile

OR Laredo
6 Rounds For Time
24 Air Squats
24 Push-Ups
24 Walking Lunges
400 meter Run

****Afternoon classes if you want to sub out 80/70 cals on a bike for the Run in Jerry because of the heat please do that… or any other classes if you dont like to run in the heat
****You can also do 1/2 jerry, see how you feel, then do the other half or stop.

There are 9 rowers. If you are in a class of 9 and a person who doesn’t like to wait around to get going ask coach to start you on the clock right away. we can stagger starts if we are short rowers.