Tuesday April 7th

Chipper wod today!

Have some fun with this chipper. As stated in the video you don’t need to do your farmer carries with two equal weights. How often in life are you carrying two perfectly balanced items in each hand? Never. Bags from any store are unbalanced. Carrying your kid in one arm and groceries in the other, all unbalanced.

Warm up
5 Rounds
5 push ups
10 squats
10 sit ups

Wod- Dumbbell Version
For Time:
400m Farmer Carry *1 Db or 2, 2 paint buckets, two back packs filled with anything except feathers.
40 DB Squat Cleans- 1 Db or two, alternate arms for 2
40 DB Push Presses 1 DB or 2, alternate for 2
200m Farmer Carry

Wod- Barbell version
400 M farmer carry, literally carry anything. Carrying an empty barbell is tough, don’t let the ends smash into the ground
40 Squat cleans or power cleans 135/95
40 Push press 95/65
200 M Farmer carry

Extra ab work for all
3 rounds
45 seconds sit ups
45 second heel touches
45 seconds hollow hold
45 seconds Russian twist
Rest 2 minutes