Tuesday April 17th

Here is a great article on intensity over volume.
More is not better, better is better. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. “going through the motions” doesn’t equal results.

Warm up:
800M run with your rival.
Run 400m out slow.. rest a minute.. race back.
2 Rounds
5 Toes to bar or knee raises (figure out which you’re going to do during the wod)
10 push ups
10 Squats

Review Strict Press, push press, push jerk with an empty bar. EVERYONE benefits from empty bar technique work
0-2 minutes 5 strict press
2-4 minutes 6 push press
2-6 Minutes 7 push jerks

5 sets of 10 strict press. 60 percent or less. its a deload week, no heavy weight this week

Wod 3 Rounds for time
7 Shoulder to Overhead 155/105 (Press, push press or push jerk)
9 Toes To Bar (sub 18 sit ups
11 slam balls outside
Run 400m