Tuesaday January 30th

3 Sets, For Quality
30 second Jump Rope Practice
8 Walking Inchworm to Hollow
10 Alternating Dead-Bugs
12 Plank Shoulder Taps
14 Second Ice Skater Hops

Gymnastics Skills Acquisition / Play
Freestanding Hold Drills and Skills- please read past this if you don’t want to go upside-down. There is other options
4 Sets
1:00 minute : Accumulated Handstand Hold
1:00 minute: Rest
-Block Assist Freestanding Handstand Hold
-Box Piked Handstand Hold
-Wall Facing Handstand Hold

-not upside down.
4 sets- barbell or dumbbell overhead lockout, try for 4 sets of a minute each OR single arm walking bottoms up KB hold 4 sets of 200 feet switching arms at 100 feet

The goal here today is to find an option that allows you to build some good practice in
and have some fun playtime prior to the main workout of the day. Skill acquisition and
practice / playtime is essential to the development of an athlete as well as to keep the
brain and body active as we age. Have fun and get after it!

For Time
***25 Burpees to Target 9/8ft
50 Abmat Sit-Ups
10 Wall Walks (or 100 foot hs walk)
100 Double Unders
10 Wall Walks (or 100 foot hs walk)
50 Abmat Sit-Ups
***25 Burpees to Target 9/8ft

***Burpees to Target = First Set, right side to the wall, second set, left side to the wall.
9ft Target if you are 5’11 or Taller, 8ft Target if you are 5’11 or Shorter
***We can sub in SOME (not 100 for anyone) ghds

wall walk scale-
50 to 100 foot seal walks OR walk less distance up the wall OR 40 Strict DB presses

Burpees to wall OR RIG POLE target

Burpees to a High Target on the Wall or rig pole (the small wall ball target is 9 feet)

  • Begin in a standing position, facing the wall, with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Drop into a burpee by bending your knees, placing your hands on the ground in front of you, and kicking
    your feet back and landing with your chest to deck.
  • Explode upward through a dynamic push-up, using your hip drive to thrust your body off the ground.
  • Jump and extend your body and one arm to reach and touch the designated target on the wall. Ensure
    you fully extend your body while reaching for the target.