Thursday Septmeber 22nd

Thursday 9/22
Warm Up
AMRAP 7 Minutes
150m Ski/Row
15 Box Step Overs
12 Burpees
10 Hollow Rocks
:10 Review
Create a tripod with head and hands at the “bottom” of the HSPU. Head loading closer to the wall.
In kip, think “upside down squat” with soles of feet facing each other.
Once athlete hits the top of the handstand core should be tight.
Arms by the ears and chin in a neutral position.
:20 Strength
Every Minute for 10 Minutes
1 “Fast” Set of HSPU
Every Minute for 10 Minute
1-3 HSPU Negatives
Every Minute for 10 Minute
:20 Handstand Hold

:35 WOD
AMRAP 12 Minutes
30 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20″
30 Toes to Bar
Target Score: 100+ Reps
Toes to Bar: Multiple sets are perfectly acceptable, but should not exceed 3:00
to complete the 30 reps.
BBJO: Should not exceed 3:30 to complete in Round 1.
:55 Cool Down
Childs Pose with arms elevated on bench or box