Thursday October 7th

2:00 Mash Calves per side (or massage gun them)
200m Run
15 Burpees
20 A-Frame Toe Touches

Team Cardio Today

In Teams of 2
AMRAP 35 Minutes
1000m Run (done together)
5:00 Row for Calories (split how you want)
1000m Run
5:00 Ski for Calories
1000m Run
5:00 Bike for Calories
Split Machine as desired, athletes run together Score is total calories completed. If athletes finish on a run, 100m = 1 “rep”.

Feel: Cardio

Pacing: Sustain on the Run, Reach on the Row

Target Score: 225+ calories (average of 15 cal/min), completing 3 Machines (1 round) and start the 4th 1000m Run.

Firebreather Score: 320+ calories (20 cal/minute), including calories on the Row in Round 2.


  • Run: Reduce distance, Goal is 1K to take 4-7 Minutes
  • Machines: Athletes may start on different machines if logistics are an issue. If you do not have one of the machines, 1 Burpee = 1 Calorie or 10 Double Unders = 1 Calorie

Coach Focus: Coaches should partner up athletes based upon capacity for today’s workout. You want to put your fire breathers with your other fire breathers. When teams get to the machines, keep the output fast and the working time short so that calories can churn over quickly. Athletes should sustain their running pace, and reach on their rowing pace.

Additional Notes/Resources: Note the run is done together and the machine is split between partners. Coaches should feel free to give running partners a band or some sort of tether that they can each hold so partners run together the entire workout.