Thursday October 3rd

Just a few more days to get your friends in here. Bring as many friends as you want as many times as you want.

Warm up
Partner warm up
2 rounds
20 Partner wall balls (bounce the ball off the wall to each other)
20 Slam balls over your shoulder (you go, i go)
20 goblet squats with light kb (10 each then switch)

Grab a barbell
16 Minute EMOM
8 Clean high pulls
8 power position Hang cleans
8 hang cleans
8 push press or push jerks
*Build up to your working for 10 minutes
**Friends go over db clean and jerks if you are not comfortable with the bar.

16 Minutes *friends go 10 minutes
5 hang power clean and jerk (185/135) *friends use dumbbells
10 slam balls
200 m Run