Thursday October 28th


Thursday October 28th

400m Run
2:00 Banded Glute Activation
AMRAP 5 Minutes
10 Cossack Squats
10 Spiderman Lunges
15 Empty bar back squats

Pause Back Squat
5×5 AHAP Full pause in the bottom (1 Mississippi) each rep. Start at roughly 60% and add weight each set.


EMOM 8 Minutes
200m Run If a round is failed, rest the following round and add the incomplete round to the end. 11 round cap.

Feel: Cardio

Pacing: Reach

Target Score: Finish all 8 Rounds with no failed rounds

Firebreather Score: Sub-:45 per round, or at faster than PR 1 Mile pace.


  • Run: If running isn’t an option, a 200m Row or ski is a comparable substitution. Reducing the distance for those that arent liking running is an acceptable sub as long as you are running about 45 seconds each round

There is purposely no extra work today. A 5×5 pause back squat with a warm up should take almost the whole hour. Its ok if you dont make it to the run or use the run as your extra work if you take the entire hour to squat