Thursday October 24th

You’ll have two options for today. If you are registered for the open you may want to do Option 2 to save your hands in case bar work shows up in the open.

Warm Up:
2 rounds
1 min of single unders for everyone
10 squats (squat therapy style)
10 ring rows
1x Burgener warm-up with empty bar (45/35 lbs)
The Burgener warm-up consists of the following: 3-5 reps of down & up 3-5 reps of dip, shrug, elbows high & outside 3-5 reps of muscle snatch 3-5 reps of snatch land 3-5 reps of snatch drop 3-5 reps of hang power snatch
****see the video below for the Bergener warm up

Option 1
Cindy 20min AMRAP
5 Pull-ups (If you are doing banded I would suggest cross banded for today)
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats
–COACHES NOTES: Those going RX with all the movements aim for 21/17 (guys/girls) rounds. Those adding in scales/progressions OR if Cindy is a new benchmark for you aim for 16/13 rounds. Set yourself up in ONE spot, that way you can go right from the pull up, drop down to your push up, and the pop up for your squats. We will check spaces for those doing ring rows so that way everyone will have enough room.–

Option 2 (might be a better idea if you are doing the open)
For time:
Run 1 mile
Row 2K
Run 1 mile
–COACHES NOTES: If this is your first time going though this benchmark, pace is the name of the game. If you know you are a better runner than rower you can use those miles to save the time and vice versa. The start of that second mile might take a second to get your legs back, take the first 250m easy then hit the rest hard.–