Thursday October 11th

Double strength day. Short what at the end if you are craving that cardio.
Warm up
run 800m with your wall ball and a partner, switch when you want
40 Partner wall balls
Grab a bar for a quick thruster progression
0-2 Minutes 10 front squat
2-4 minutes 10 push press
4-6 Minutes 10 push jerk

Build to heavy heavy 3

Thruster 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps


Compare to 151224.


The Thruster

Few athletes will need to scale this lifting workout. Experienced athletes can go as heavy as possible, while newer athletes can use this session as an opportunity to drill the movement.

Strength 2
Front squats, build to a heavy 1. this wont be your max after thrusters, but it will be close.

Conditioning- (optional)
4 Rounds
2 minutes on 1 minute off.. This is max effort for the two minutes of work
7 burpees
100m sprint..

Yes, pick your workout buddy and make this race!