Thursday November 19th


Thursday November 19th

20 empty bar push jerks
20 Empty Bar Strict Press
Then 250m Row or 1 Minutes bike (HARD)

**We are going to try to get everyone on the rowers for this.. so we will start half the people on the push jerks half on rowers in full classes

3 sets of 12 push jerks. Practice your barbell cycling as this will be lighter weight

**Conditioning test**
Row 750m
35 Push Press 75/55lbs
Row 500m
35 Push Press 75/55lbs
Row 250m

*can sub 750, 500, 150 on ski or 40,30, 20 on the bike.

Extra work can be done outside
Every 3 Minutes for 15 Minutes
20 Wallballs 20/14lbs
One repeatable set of Strict Pull Ups
Rest the remainder of the interval
Choose a pull up number you can hit smoothly and repeat for all 5 rounds.

Scaling: -Pull Ups: kipping pull ups, banded kipping pull ups, or strict banded pull ups –
Wallballs should be 1 set every time. choose the right weight