Thursday May 26th

Don’t forget Murph Hero Wod this weekend. You can do the entire things, half, TEAMS which we havent done before. The important thing is to show up!
Heat time
Midnight Murph Saturday the 28th at 10pm- Big turnout for this every year!
Sunday 5am to 8:30am ish.. start by 8:30 please
Monday Memorial Day- Closed

AMRAP 5 Minutes
8/6 Calorie Machine
12 Jumping Lunges
8 Scap Push Ups
50’ Light Farmer’s Carry

Strength skill… this is an EMOM with alternating movements. a lot of people will be using a band for strict pull ups to maintain the emom pace. there is no harm in scaling
10 minutes alt. emom
10 pull ups
10 push ups

AMRAP 13 Minutes
12/10 Calorie C2 Machine
50′ Farmers Carry (athletes may pick their own weight/strategy)
Score is pounds moved (weight used multiplied by number of rounds)

Slow steady 15 to 20 minutes run or run/walk combo with no vest.
*one element missing from a lot of CrossFit training is slow steady state cardio (think long run, row or bike at relatively easy pace)
Building this type of endurance up will do wonders for your workouts.

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