Thursday May 20th

Its a sprint day. DO NOT half ass the warm up. This is a high volume of sprints. Sprinting is a piece of work that we should all be doing, but don’t do it often enough. You will get out of this exactly how much you put into it. If you are early go get a longer slower run in before class starts. If you cant run we will rower sprint at little bit longer interval

400m Run (Get faster every ~100m)
2:00 Mash Calves. Per side
20 Leg Swings per leg (front to back = 1)
50m Lateral Shuttle (25m in each direction)
25m Butt Kicks
25m High knees
4 Rounds
100m Flying Sprints
1&R2: 75m to build, 25m sprint
R3&R4: 50m to build, 50m sprint
Walk back to the start as rest

Every 2 Minutes for 24 Minutes
Sprint 50m
Rest the remainder of the interval
The goal is for every round to be an all out sprint.
Try sub 10 seconds a sprint but make sure you are going all out.

Preserve the sprint stimulus. 10/8 Calorie Row Sprint, 8/6 Calorie AAB Sprint

Cool Down:
SLOW 3-5 bike ride to flush out your legs. then roll calves, hamstrings. perform squats while holding onto the rig to stretch your hip flexors out, rock back and forth slightly

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