Thursday March 4th

Restest from January 13th
3:00 run, (run 200s back and forth)

3 Rounds
10 Empty Bar Good Mornings
10 Empty Bar Back Squats
Then, 1:00 Pigeon Pose Per side

Strength- Minimal time to warm up as we are actually looking what you can get done in 14 minutes.
Start light and pace this right so you only have 1 or two shots at this 2 rep max attempt.

14 Minutes to establish a 2 rep max back squat
*will this be a life time 2 rep max? maybe, but we want to see you go about this without compromising form. Going for a two rep “pretty” max

“Grizzabel” Retest!

3 Rounds
10 UB Power Clean and Jerk 105/70lbs
10 UB Power Snatch 105/70lbs
All six sets must be unbroken to count.