Thursday March 31st

1:00 Banded Pull Apart (Palms up and down)
1:00 each leg, roll out calves

Every Minute for 9 Minutes (3 sets each)
1: Max Double Unders/Practice
2: Handstand/Handstand Walk Practice
3: 10 Air Squats + Squat Hold on last rep

Every Minutes for 8 Minutes
3 Power Cleans, starting at 60% of 1RM and building Athletes may go touch and go or singles, work weaknesses

3 Rounds
100 Double Unders
25′ Handstand Walk
5 Power Cleans 225/155lbs
25′ Handstand Walk
HS Walk Sub = 2 Wall Walks

Feel: Gas

Pacing: Sustain

Target Score: 9-13 Minutes

Firebreather Score: Sub-8 Minutes


  • Double Unders: Should not exceed :90 of work/practice in any round. Scale athletes to :90 for reps if double unders are inconsistent or otherwise use single unders or heavy cable jump rope single unders.
  • HS Walk: Athlete should be able to walk 10’ consistently on their hands before attempting the workout RX. Scale to 2 Wall Walks per 25’ of HS Walking.
  • Power Cleans: Should not exceed 80% of the athlete’s 1RM. Most rounds should be sub-1 minute or faster.

Coach Focus: Everything about today’s MetCon is gassy so it is critical that coaches work with their athletes to find “their version” to ensure the stimulus is met. Each round should take between 3 and 4:30 to complete and should never have your athletes standing around for a significant portion of time.