Thursday March 24th

First things first today DO NOT skip because the strength is Handstand Pushups if can’t do handstand push ups. There is scaling in place for everything, everyday. Thats the beauty of CrossFit

1:00 Shoulder Swimmers
1:00 A-frame Toe Touches
3 Rounds
20 Box Step Overs 24”/20” > 12 Box Jumps 24”/20” > 8 Tall Box Jump Overs 24″/20” (Round 1 > 2 > 3)
10 DB Push Press

Every 4 Minutes for 16 Minutes
1 Set of HSPU

Immediately into
Max duration HS Hold (:60 cap)
HSPU set should be between 8-20 reps.
Choose a number you believe you can repeat for all 4 rounds. Stop your HSPU set before failure to allow yourself time in a HS hold.

Coach Focus:
Today’s skill work is meant to remind athletes on the value of positioning when it comes to gymnastics. Coaches should be pushing athletes to focus on form vs. going for broke with bad form. Each set ends with a max duration HS hold. Coaches should use the HS Hold portion to ensure athletes understand the concept of “stacking their joints” to increase their ability to hold a handstand for longer. Scaling options for these athletes can be: Pike Strict HSPU on a box + Hold, a set of 3-5 wall walks + a nose and toes hold, or a set of DB strict presses + DB OH hold (or HS hold if able). Get athletes pressing vertically and then performing a static hold to develop shoulder stamina

Wod- short and quick
2 Rounds
30 Box Jump Overs 24/20″
100m Farmer’s Carry 30s-100s
Carry DBs, KBs, Farmer’s Handles, or any heavy implement.

Farmer carrys should be really heavy but something you only have to set down once or twice