Thursday March 23rd

Remember the gym is temporarily closed while we get the build out done.
Here are some at home options.

Warm Up
Warm Up  
8 min AMRAP 
3 bird dogs (each side)
10 Heel Toe Rocks 
100 M Run 
5 Deadlifts (empty bar – build across) 
5 Hand Release Pushups 


10 sets: 
7 Deadlifts (135/95) (these are meant to be light. light is relative. if you DBs or Kb you can do deadlifts with those
10 Push ups 
100m Sprint 
-Rest 2 minutes between sets- 

  • Target time each set: sub 1:15 

Each set should take no more than 2 minutes. Pick your DL weight and Push Up modifications to keep each set under 2 minutes. Deadlifts should be unbroken.  

  • Time cap: 25 minutes