Thursday March 17th

1:00 on a Machine
2:00 Banded Glute activation
3 Steady Rounds
25’ Duck Walk
3 Explosive Broad Jumps
10-8-6 Squat Jumps/Back Squats/Heavier Back Squats (stay light, but add weight in all 3 rounds of the warm up)
*start with empty bar for jump squats round 1
1 Wall Walk

6 Rounds
8 Wall Walks
5 Back Squats @ 70%+
Rest 3:00 Bar taken from a rack.

Feel: Muscle Overload

Pacing: Sustain

Target Score: Each round should not exceed 3 Minutes to complete. 35 minute time cap should allow all athletes to complete all 5 rounds.

Firebreather Score: Each round should not exceed 2:30 to complete.


  • Wall Walks: Should not exceed 2 minutes of complete. A slight reduction in reps will likely be necessary for many, or have them performed the Open scaled standard.
  • Back Squat: Start at 70% and only increase if squat form remains consistent. Back squats are intended to be 1 set of 5, but if an athlete needs to re-rack it so that they don’t fail/for safety, that’s ok.

Coach Focus: The goal with todays session is to use the Wall Walks to fatigue the athlete’s midline to see how well they squat when fatigued. Coaches should spend time ahead of the workout dialing in their wall walk technique so they stay consistent from start to finish. Then, when athletes get to the squat, we are looking for 5 difficult squats. We want your athletes to increase their weight across the 6 rounds as long as form stays consistent. Time will be tight today, so get athlete moving quickly.