Thursday March 16th

Thursday 3/16

Warm Up

2 Rounds

100 M Run

5 Cat/Cows

3 A Frame Toe Touches

10 Air Squats

:10 Strength

3×12 Front Squats

Based on ~60%  of 1RM. Bar will come from the ground.

:30 AMRAP 20 Minutes

Teams of 2

100 Foot Sandbag Carry 100/75 (50 feet down and back)

100 Foot Yoke Carry

100 Foot Sandbag Carry

6 Sandbag Cleans

Athletes will carry their sandbag 100 feet to the Yoke. Athletes will drop the sandbag and proceed to carry their yoke 100 feet (down and back to sandbag). Picking up their sandbags athletes will carry them another 100 feet to the starting line. Completing 6 Sandbag Cleans over the shoulder to complete one round.


4 sets

6 Russian Swings (Heavy)
8 Alternating Double DB Step Back Lunges (Front Rack)
Good mornings with a KB