Thursday June 27th


3 Rounds
:30 sec Work, 30 seconds rest
Row @ Easy to Moderate Intensity
Dual Kettlebell Dead-Stop Clean
Bear Plank Shoulder Taps
Skater Hop and Stick

Movement Progressions
3/3 Half Turkish Get-Up
3/3 Top Down Half Turkish Get-Up
Practice Full Turkish Get-Up


“All That”

30:00 EMOM
Minute 1 – 3 Wall Walks
Minute 2 – 14/11 Row Calories
Minute 3 – 1/1 Turkish Get Ups 53/35lb, 24/16kg
Minute 4 – 5 Shuttle Runs (25/25ft, 7.5/7.5m = 1 Rep)
Minute 5 – Max Sandbag Bear Hug Hold (1 sec = 1 Rep)
Sandbag: 150/100lbs (68/45.5kg)

Strategy: This 30:00 EMOM is meant to be a challenge due to the longer nature of the workout more than how hard each minute is meant to be. The way this workout flows, the first 4 minutes of work are really almost like a buy-in of required work until the Sandbag movement where you have the choice to go as long or as short as you like in order to accomplish the rest of the workout. You must get each minute done in order to have the 5th minute of work be counted. Imagine this as 6 Rounds with a cash-out max sandbag carry each round. Try to keep minutes 1-4 as smooth as possible as hanging onto the Sandbag will get hard especially as your breathing begins to elevate