Thursday June 11th

Warm UP- 5 minute of run, bike or row
Weightlifting specific- time to work on some skills
2 Rounds
10 Snatch grip high pulls
10 Muscle snatch
10 hang power snatch
10 Overhead squats

Coach sets clock, you have to 20 minutes to work on power snatches over full snatches.

12 Minute Amrap
Burpee and Wall Ball Ladder 20/14
Do 1 burpee then one wall ball
do 2 burpees, 2 wall balls
… and on and on and on for 12 minutes
Score will be what round you got to plus the extra reps

so if you made it into 1 burpee of round 14 your score would be 14 plus 1. If you made it to round 14 and did 14 burpees and 10 wall balls your score is 14 plus 24.