Thursday July 20th

Warm up- Its a warm up, not a race
6 minutes of run 200
10 sit ups
10 push ups

####BUILD YOUR BAR WE WILL ALL START THE EMOM TOGETHER>>>>> Do at least 10 Power clean at a light weight to gradually build up to your emom

Power Clean Emom 10 Minutes
Experienced athletes HEAVY HEAVY—- 2 every minutes… so heavy you are wondering if you will miss
New athletes or those not wanting to go super heavy—- 4 moderately heavy power cleans

3 rounds for time
15 Power Cleans 185/135
15 Toes To Bar (sub 20 sit ups)
15 cals bike or 20 rower (or run 300–300 is to the fence opening)

50 V ups
50 sit ups
5 sled push

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