Thursday January 9th

Warm Up:
150m Row
10 PVC Pass Throughs
10 Shoulder Shrugs
7 Scap “Pull Ups”
10 Leg Swings Each Leg
10 Lunges

Workout: Choose your own adventure. Complete all workout in any order with a running clock. Want to wear your vest… you go right ahead and do that. (vest off for handstand walks please, it’s still rx) Wods are below in no particular order

Wod 1-
Run 1 mile
200 m farmer carry 70/50
50 foot handstand walk or 100 foor bear crawl

Wod 2-
1600 M Row
200m farmer carry 70/50 each hand
50 foot handstand walk or 100 foot bear crawl

Wod 3
70/60 cal bike
200m farmer carry
50 foot handstand walk or 100 foot bear crawl

***Bring a version will be significantly reduced distance. Wod will be time capped for all classes

We WILL set this up so that we can have EVERYONE get on a bike for the workout, so don’t you worry. Think about which Wod you ware going to first. Save your worst movement for last? save your best movement for last??? Is there a right strategy???

**Optional Accessory Work**
Option 1-
Tempo Push-Ups
Rest as needed between sets.
Tempo Timing- Explode up > 3 Second Pause at Top > 10 Seconds Down > 3 Second Pause at Bottom
Option 2-
Side Plank
Accumulate 1-2 mins per side.
Rest as needed between sets.