Thursday January 17th

Warm up-
Do this with a parnter
8 Minute bike
alternate every minute on the bike, person not biking holds a plank

Grab a bar and we will review the deadlift. You will have plenty of time work up to your working weight, once you find your working weight perform 5 sets of 7 at that weight. This should be pretty heavy without breaking form
If you are newer we can add extra sets to keep you working

Meet at the board.. think you are good at burpees? want to be more efficient at them. Coaches are going to show you how

5 rounds for time of:
5 deadlifts
10 burpees (to a target 6 inches about your fully extended arms)

Men: 275 lb.
Women: 185 lb.

Scroll for scaling options.
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Compare to 120819.

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Deadlift Set-Up With Austin Malleolo

This couplet should be relatively heavy but still fast-paced. Just about all athletes can perform deadlifts and some version of a burpee. Reduce the loading so you can complete each set of deadlifts unbroken. If needed, reduce the number of burpees to a point that allows you to keep moving quickly and avoid excessive rest.

Intermediate Option
5 rounds for time of:
5 deadlifts
10 burpees

Men: 225 lb.
Women: 155 lb.

Beginner Option
5 rounds for time of:
5 deadlifts
5 burpees

Men: 135 lb.
Women: 95 lb.