Thursday January 13th

AMRAP 5 Minutes
12 Light DB Deadlifts
9 Light DB Hang Cleans
6 Light DB Shoulder to Overhead
:10 machine Sprint

Skill- Don’t skip if you don’t like or have no interest in going upside down. YOU DO NOT have to work on handstand work if you no interest in doing it. we have plenty of alternatives available including not going up side down at all.

HS Walk Skill

EMOM 2 Minutes
:30 HS Hold, shift weight from one hand to the other
EMOM 2 Minutes
:20 Shoulder Taps
EMOM 2 Minutes
25-10′ HS Walk
*not going up side down, no problem do this
EMOM 2 Minutes :30 second db hold overhead
Emom 2 minutes :30 seconds of alternating DB presses
EMOM 2 minutes :30 seconds of Db presses

or, for proficient athletes:
10′ Shuttle (5′ out and back)
20′ Shuttle (10′ out and back)
30′ Shuttle (15′ out and back)
40′ Shuttle (20′ out and back)
50’ Shuttle (25’ out and back)


5 Rounds
20/14 Calorie row or ski or 16/12 echo bike cals
40′ Handstand Walk
5 Deadlifts @ 70-75% 1RM
Rest 3:00

Feel: Gas

Pacing: Reach

Target Score: Sub-27 Minutes (~3:00 per round)

Firebreather Score: Sub Sub-22 Minutes (2:00 per round)


  • AAB: Calories should not exceed 2:00 of work in any round, reduce calories if this is the case
  • HS Walk: If an athlete can walk 10’ at a time, allow them to HS Walk, but consider scaling the distance back to 20’ or 30’. If HS Walks aren’t developed yet, Perform 3 Wall Walks
  • DL: Should not exceed 75% of the athlete’s 1RM.

Coach Focus: Every part of todays conditioning is meant to make your athletes very uncomfortable. We are looking for athletes to have a beefy dose of each movement but for it to be something an athlete can still attack aggressively,