Thursday February 9th


Straight Through
2:00 Air Bike
20 Leg Swings (each leg)
25ft Inchworm
5 Shuttle Runs
1:30 Air Bike
20 Leg Swings (each leg)
25ft Spiderman Lunge
5 Shuttle Runs
:30 Air Bike
5 Shuttle Runs
*1 Shuttle Run is 25 ft

:15 WOD
AMRAP 1 Minute x 7
250m Bike
Max Shuttle Runs in remaining time

Rest 4:00

* Today’s Shuttle Run 1 Rep = 25′ (so out/back = 2 reps)

Today’s Cardio Party is 1:00 on, 4:00 off for 7 cycles. Fitness doesn’t
need to be sexy to be effective. With 4 minutes off you need GO! Athletes need to really push the pace on both the bike and shuttle runs to
get the stimulus we are after today, so encourage them to push hard from the start
without ruining the entire workout early on.

Target Score: 10+ lengths (5 or more down and backs)


Bike – (roughly :20-:30 of biking)

EXTRA! Time to Flex =)

Mechanical Drop Set

5 sets:

5 Dumbbell Strict Press
8 Dumbbell Push Press
Max set Dumbbell Push Jerk

-rest 2 minutes between sets-

-The same weight should be used throughout.

-Loading should allow the athlete to work the current movement until fatigue begins to affect form, at which point the athlete immediately goes into the next movement.