Thursday February 14th

Partner warm up
8 minutes
Partner 1 bikes, partner 2 holds the bottom of an overhead squat with a pvc pipe… switch every minute… can you hold it that long.
0-1 Minute 10 snatch grip high pull.
2-3 Minutes 8 power position power snatch
3-4 minutes 6 hang position power snatch
4-5 minutes 6 from the shin plus overhead squat
6-7 mintues 6 full snatches.

25 minutes to work on snatches, build up to a heavy single. use the entire time, newer athletes go light and really use this time to work on technique.
keep working the entire 25 minutes.

Wod- We want to keep you moving with a light to moderate load, if you aren’t to a full snatch yet, do a power snatch and an overhead squat. If you cant overhead squat we are going to switch this to front squat or goblet squats with a light to moderate load. we are looking for full range of motion.

For time:
21 squat snatches
42 push-ups
15 squat snatches
30 push-ups
9 squat snatches
18 push-ups

Men: 75 lb. RX plus 95/65
Women 55 lb.

Scroll for scaling options.
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The Snatch
The Push-Up

This couplet is light and fast. Reduce the loading and aim to complete the snatches unbroken. Try to break the push-ups into as few large sets as possible. Intermediate athletes can complete this as prescribed.

Beginner Option
For time:
15 squat snatches
30 knee push-ups
12 squat snatches
24 knee push-ups
9 squat snatches
18 knee push-ups

Men: 45 lb.
Women 35 lb.