Thursday February 10th

2:00 T-spine mash on Foam Roller
2:00 4-way Banded Glute Activation Steps + 5 Air Squats
AMRAP 5:00*
200m Row
5 Kip Swings
10 OHS with PVC Pipe
*Athletes may switch to Pull Ups and Empty Bar OHS after the 2nd round.

On a 12 Minute Running Clock Build to a heavy set of 3 OHS
from the floor.

AMRAP 7 Minutes
27 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
27 OHS 95/65lbs
21 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
21 OHS 95/65lbs
15 Chest to bar
Max Rep OHS 95/65lbs in remaining time

Feel: Muscle Overload
Pacing: Reach
Target Score: 2+ Minutes in the max rep portion of the workout, Target of 20+ OHS
Firebreather Score: 3+ Minutes in the max rep portion of the workout, Target of 40+ OHS


  • OHS: Should not exceed 2 sets in any round until the max rep portion. Reduce weight if athletes struggle to move through full ROM, or if an athlete is very challenged by mobility and cannot perform with an unweighted bar, scale to a front squat
  • CTB: Athletes should be able to perform a minimum of 10 chest to bar on their first set, otherwise scale to chin over bar pull ups or a ring row/strict assisted pull up to maintain the muscle overload

Every athletes should have 2+ minutes to accumulate reps during the max rep portion of the workout so they can “feel the burn” the OHS provides. Coaches should carefully watch their athlete’s weight selection, if the barbell is too difficult the will not get the intended stimulus of the workout

Competitor extra

3 Slow Rounds
3:00 Row @ Forever Pace
4 slow good mornings with barbell.. with light weight.
12 Pause Goblet Squats
1:00 Nose and Toes (against wall) Handstand Hold