Thursday December 12th

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Warm Up:
4 min Run(800m)-Row-Bike
3 Rounds:
100m Run (increase speed each round)
15m High Knees
15m Butt Kicks
10 Walking Lunges

Your Choice Of:
4 Mile Time Trial
5k Time Trial
20 Minutes of Running/Walking
–Coaches Notes–
DO. NOT. SKIP. CARDIO. DAY. Some of you are reading this and without even finishing reading the whole post are already putting a big “Nope” in your mind. If the coaches got a dollar for every time we hear members say “I hate running” or “I’m not good at running” we’d be rolling in it. We also get those of you who follow those statements up with “But I know I need to keep doing more of it”, WELP here is your chance. Come in and do the work. You have the 3 options of distances to go through so you can choose whichever will be best for you to fit in class. If you don’t want to use it for a time trial you can still use this as an “active recovery” day to workout if you are ore from this week.

**Optional Accessory Work**
Option 1:
Bar Hang
Build to 2 or 3 Minutes
Option 2:
35 to 50 Reps
Option 3:
Pick a Clean or Snatch to Build to a heavy 2 rep for the day.