Thursday August 29th


Thursday August 29th

The Gym is Closed this Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) we will write up some “Home Wods” you can do and post your scores to the Facebook group page. Monday hours are 8,9,10am and 4,5,6,7 pm. We do the Wod Hot shots 19 every labor day.
NUTRITION CHALLENGE STARTS SEPTEMBER 2ND BE READY!!! 5 day ramp up instructions are posted on SugarWod for the challengers. If you have any last minute questions make sure to either ask a coach or post it into the Challenge Group Page.

Warm Up:
3 Rounds 200m Run-Row
7 PVC Good Mornings
6 PVC Back Squats
5 DB Side Bends Each Side

Overhead Squat
2×3 70%
2×3 75%
1×3 80%
1×2 85%

3 rounds
10 DB Box Step Ups RX-50/35 INT-35/25 BEG-No DB
200m Single Arm Farmers Carry
30 Weighted Sit Ups BEG-Normal Sit Ups
1 Minute Rest

Please DO NOT drop the DBs outside, especially the metal ones.