Thursday August 25th

Warm Up
PVC pipe passthroughs
1 wall walk
6 empty bar front squats
1 wall walk
6 power position power cleans
1 wall walk
6 hang squat cleans
1 wall walk
6 squat cleans

:10 Review
Tempo Pull Squat Cleans
Using a 5 Second Pull
Set Up (Barbell above base of toes, toes slightly turned out, shoulders over bar, weight mid foot in set up)
Mid Shin Hang (Hips & shoulders rise at the same time)
Power Position (torso moves vertically, knees bent, straight arms)

Think explosive jump/leg drive, “triple extension”
Athletes will need to actively pull to get under weight
Elbows/bar in front rack position by the time feet hit the floor from the jump


Every 2 Minutes for 14 Minutes (7 sets)
3 Tempo Pull Squat Cleans
Drop and reset between reps
Start no heavier than 1RM. May add weight is movement is flawless

Wod Review of DB hang clean

:45 WOD
Climb the ladder
1 Wall Walk
4 DB Power Cleans 50s/35s 2 Wall Walk
8 DB Power Cleans 50s/35s 3 Wall Walks