Thursday August 20th


Thursday August 20th

3 rounds adding a little weight each round
Starting to break down the lifts. This helps EVERYONE! Beginners and advanced athletes.
Minute 1- 10 Power position high pulls
Minute 2- 5 power position power cleans plus 2 front squats
Minute 3- 2 Hang from the knee power cleans plus 2 hang squat clean

14 minutes strength emom, every other minute on the minute perfrom this complex. this is not finding a max. this is working with moderate weight fixing technique
1 Power Position power clean
1 power position squat clean
1 Hang from the knee power clean
1 hang from the knee squat clean

Hang Power clean 135/95
Deadlifts 135/95
Wall balls 30/20

*Perform 50 double unders at the end of your round of 21-15 and 9.. so 3 sets of 50 doubles total for the workout
21 Hang power cleans
21 Deadlifts
21 wall balls
50 doubles
15 Hang power cleans
15……. Get it?