Thursday August 18th

Warm Up
1:00 T-spine mash (Thoracic – upper back and lats)
1:00 PVC OHS Hold
Alternating EMOM 6:00 (2 rounds of each
10 Pause OHS, empty bar or PVC
12 Lateral Bar Burpees
50 Double Unders/Singles

Double Under
Introduce Penguin claps by starting with power jumps (big jumps) and then hands pat the sides of your
hips twice while in the air.
With a rope, listen for the click click of your rope to help find the right rhythm.
Keep those hands near your hips.
Move rope through wrist and forearms.
Singles plus a double can help those learning to connect their double to another jump.
Focusing on jumping with control. Toes pointed down calves engaged.
THINK POGO STICK position NO pikes or donkey leg positioning today.
This skill takes time and is built rep by rep.

Snatch Positional Work
5 Snatch Pulls from Power Position
5 Snatch High Pulls from Power Position
5 Power Snatch from Power Position
5 Power Snatch from Hang
3 Power Snatch from the ground
3 Power Snatch PLUS OHS
3 Full Snatch
Work to WOD weight

On a 25 Minute Clock:
5 Rounds
100 Double Unders (if you didnt do 400 last week, dont jump into 500. this number can be adjusted)
10 Snatches 135/95lbs
then, in the remaining time:
Find a 1RM Hang Squat Snatch
Target Score: 15-20 minutes
Hang Snatch; may be above or below the knee, whichever the athlete prefers.
Allow power snatch only for safety purposes. If shoulder injuries prevent OH,
perform a 1RM Hang Squat Clean

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