Thursday April 15th

2 Rounds
200m Run
15 Wallballs
8 Gymnastic Kips
6 DB Facing Burpees
2 Inchworms
Then, in no particular order, perform the movements in the workout to ensure they know how to do them safely and correctly.

Test wod

“Misfit Chaos”
For Time (hard 30 minute cap)
40 Toes to Bar
40 Alt. DB Snatch 70/50lbs
40 Lateral Burpees Over DB
40 S-arm DB Thrusters 70/50lbs
Run 800m
20 S-arm DB Thrusters 70/50lbs
20 Lateral Burpees Over DB
20 Alt. DB Snatch 70/50lbs
20 Toes to Bar
Run 400m
**5 burpees for chucking your dumbbell. We’d rather get new skiers than replace dbs every year.

Toes to Bar: Kipping/Hanging Knee Raises
DB Snatch: Reduce weight
S-Arm Thruster: Reduce weight
Run: Run out 2:00 and back 2:00 for the 800, we don’t want you out there more than 4-5 minutes.