Thursday April 11th

REMINDER!!! Gym is closed all day Saturday! Head out to Dunedin to watch everyone compete in wod wars.
DONT BE LATE TODAY. we are going to get right into things so we can get to the wod
Warm up-
2 rounds
6 paces of Samson Stretch
400 M slow run
5 pull ups

1 Mile For Time
Max Strict Pull ups (max kipping, max ring rows is the sub)
1 Min Max Burpees (to a 6 inch target)

Take 5 minutes to review points of performance of a snatch
24-18-12-6 Squat Snatch 135/115
*In between Each Set 100m Run

*There is going to be several different ways to scale this for all the different levels of athletes at the gym. including not squatting and simply doubling the reps and doing dumbbell snatches.