Thursday September 23rd


Thursday September 23rd

400m Run
10 Inchworms with a push up on each rep
Kettlebell Swings
Cossack Squats
Plank Transitions
Then, HSPU Skill work and time to build to workout weight.

Affiliate RX
6-10-14 reps of:
Deadlifts, 220 | 350 lb.
8/6″ Deficit Kipping HSPU
Time cap: 14 min.

Affiliate intermediate/scaled
6-10-14 reps of:
Deadlifts, Heavy (heavy means heavy in a 14 minute wod)
Regular handstand push ups or Deficit or Regular Push Ups or DB presses
Time cap: 14 min.

The only thing logistically tough about this would be running out of weights for everyone. Some will be stacked for deficit HSPU and a lot will be on the bar. Consider sharing a bar or grabbing a few metal plates if you are going heavy


Barbell should be heavy, but should not exceed roughly 75-80% at most of the athlete’s 1RM. Keep in mind this is 30 reps of a very heavy deadlift, and often times ascending rep schemes go from doable to extremely difficult. Keep it heavy, but we want athletes finishing and not putting themselves at risk for injury.

Handstand push ups will require multiple sets, but athletes should be able to perform at least 6 reps when fresh of the HSPU variation they are doing in the workout. Again, keep it challenging but not impossible.


6-14 minutes. This is a shorter workout, but the necessity to warm up to a very heavy deadlift and work athletes into a challenging HSPU variation should require a lengthy warm up/skill session followed by workout execution. HSPU Teaching Progression (applies to both standard and Deficit HSPU)