Sunday October 24th

Sunday Funday Partners —– changing it up, your partner is your friendly competition today

Wod 1-
16 Minutes (8 rounds each)
We will set up the timers on the rowers/ski so your transition is built in. Write your cals down each round, you are trying to get more cals than your partner

ALT Rounds
Partner A :45 second row- 15 second transition
Partner B :45 second row- 15 seconds transition
Each do 8 rounds

Wod 2-
10 Minutes Alternating every minute
Minute 1 Partner 1- Max rep wall balls for a minute
Minute 2 Partner 2- max reps wall balls for a minutes
*so you will be working a minute, resting a minute

Wod 3-
You will each need a bar for this
5 Minutes
Run 400
and in remaining time max reps Power Cleans 185/135 or 135/95 or 95/65