Sunday November 3rd

Warm Up:
3 Minute Run(600m)-Bike-Row
10 PVC Snatch Grip High Pulls
8 PVC Pass Throughs
7 Elbow Circles Both Ways
7 Wrist Circles Both Ways
8 Air Squats

Overhead Squat 2-2-2-2-2-2-2
Rest as needed between sets.
–Coaches notes: For those comfortable with this movement go from either around 65% or 85% of your current 1rm for each set. Try and use the same weight for each set, so warm up to that specific weight and then get into your working sets. If you struggle with this squat stay light and work on technique, even if it is grabbing a PVC and doing squat therapy. —

With a Partner
5 Rounds
500m Row
20 HSPU -(Pike Push Ups,1Min HS Hold, Strict DB Press)
18 Power Cleans-Weights listed below
Rd1.95/75 Rd 2.135/95 Rd 3.155/115 Rd4.175/135 Rd 5.205/155
–Coaches Notes: Noticing how to the weights increase around 20lbs a round, you should be making the same increases to weights if you are starting at a lower weight. Avoid making only 5lb jumps. Split the work as even as you can between partners with all movements. Even if you and your partner are using different progressions use the same rep count.