Sunday July 24th

Warm up today!
Warm up is
7 Minutes amrap
Run 200
15 Airsquats
30 seconds hang from bar

Then take 5-10 minutes to build up to a clean weight you will be using for WOD 2

Teams of 2
Wod 1
7 Minutes of
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

Rest 5. if you want to get a few cleans in

Wod 2- 24 Minutes
Alternating rounds with a partner
12/10 cals any machine
1 Rope climb (or 3 pulls)
1 Heavy squat clean (over 80 percent of your max)
*shooting for just over a minute around and expecting people slow down
*no more than 2 attempts on the squat clean then your partner goes.

Rest 5

Wod 3- 7 minutes for both partners to establish a 3 rep max front squat from the rack