Sunday January 14th

Strength, Endurance, Body-weight
12 minutes at each station

Station 1
Row and Bike
Set your rowers and bikes back to back- One partner on the rower and one on the bike
On 3,2,1 go both work for 1 minute
Rest One Minute and switch machines
Repeat- It will be 3 intervals each on each machine


Station 2- 12 minutes
4 minutes wall balls
then 8 minutes for both partners to find their max of this complex.
1 Clean of any kind, plus 2 front squats

Station 3- (gymnastics/body weight)
12 minute Amrap- 1 partner working at a time
20 pull ups (can have teams where 1 is doing pull ups, 1 doing ring rows, its not crisis situation)
40 push ups
60 Air squats