Sunday December 17th

Sunday Funday Teams of 2.
It’s going to be 80 all week, low in the 60s, perfect weather for fitness!

Team of 2- going to be some strategy today…..

Wod 1-
6 Minutes (Switch places at the 3 minute mark)
-One Partner rows for cals
-One partner does burpees
(communicate, be sure to tell where you left off on burpees so you can keep a running total)
Score is Cals + Burpees

Wod 2-
4 Minutes-
As many as pounds as possible lifted from the ground to overhead-
Will you snatch? will you clean and jerk? will you go heavy, will you go lighter for more reps? Your team has to figure it out

40 snatches at 100 pounds would be 4000 pounds lifted
70 Clean and jerks at 70 pounds would be 4900 pounds lifted

the choice is yours, the force will not help you on this one young jedi’s

Wod 3-
12 Minute Amrap
20 wall balls
20 pulls ups
200 Meter run

Split the wall balls and pull ups however you want. Both partners run.