Sunday April 5th

Check out Tanya’s Facebook page for mobility today at 9am

Tabata Sunday
-20sec of work by 10sec of rest x 8 Rounds.
Set up the
-Stay at the same station for all 8 rounds. NO REST, and go right into the next station.

Dumbbell version
*each station takes 4 minutes
*this whole workout will take 20 Minutes

Tabata 1- Single Arm eye level kb or DB swings
Tabata 2- Single Arm Alternating DB snatches
Tabata 3- Single Arm Deadlifts
Tabata 4- Front Rack Lunges (hold in a goblet squat position)
Tabata 5- Single Arm Front Rack Squats- swtich every 20 seconds

Barbell version
Tabata 1- empty bar curls
Tabata 2-Empty bar tricep extension or close grip floor press
Tabata 3-Empty bar good mornings
Tabata 4-Front rack lunges
Tabata 5 empty bar or air squats

When you set up your “Smartwod timer” ap it should look like this