Saturday September 22nd

6am- Come run a 5k with us! It’s practice.All paces welcome, Nobody likes to run in a dark industrial park alone.

8am- Endurance class.
Partner row. 20 intervals total. 10 each
45 seonds on, 15 second transition, next person goes 45 seconds,
Wod 2
10 Minutes-alternate partners
5 cal bike
100m run
2 burpees each,
switch spots

9am Mobility

10am Chipper Wod-
40 Minute Cap
50m Weighted lunge (split how you want)
100 Slam balls over the shoulder
50M weighted lunge
100 Cal Bike
50M weighted lunge
100 Cal row
50M weighted lunge
100 shoulder to overhead with dumbbells
50M weighted lunge
100 Burpees
50m weighted lunge