Saturday September 18th

Back to machines,
In teams of 2
Row 2000m on a skier. Every 500m, no matter how you split the meters, Run 400m together. Also start with a 400m run together

Ski 2000m meter the same way

9am Wod.
We are going to try to hit some hero wods on Saturdays for a few weeks


Complete three rounds for time of:
95 pound Squat clean, 30 reps
30 Pull-ups
Run 800 meters

In honor of U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter, 27, of Fallbrook, California, who was killed during combat operations in Iraq on Dec. 11, 2007.

He is survived by his father, Tom; mother, Cindy; three brothers and four sisters.

First posted Dec. 19, 2007